Modelfotografie Jack Burger
"Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun"
˜Mary Lou Cook

Interesting images have always had my attention since I can remember. Analog photography was never really my thing. The digital camera was a real libaration for me with photoshop as my darkroom. My actual boost in photography I got when I joined a group of great photographers who motivated me to expand myself. They boosted my search in detecting which genre of photography had my actual interest. In the years to come I narrowed my interest in photography more and more to portrait en fine art photography. I never did any study in photography other than reading articles and viewing images that inspired me in life or on the internet. I like to discover all the things to know myself. That’s how I learned to create my own style.
Some photographers that I get inspired by:
Marc Langrange, Stefan van Fleteren.

In my work I constantly look for the perfect combination of light, composition and atmosphere. I like to work with female models. I love their natural beauty and vulnerability and leave it intact as much as possible.They play the leading part in my images. In my images I like to leave room for imagination of the viewer. Not all the questions are given. Often people see stories in my pictures or coveres of a book still to be published.